Update on September 2007 trip to RSA

01st November 2007
Well I returned in one piece having driven over 3,000 kms over 3 weeks. SA was kind to me as usual and I had some fantastic sightings in the Kgalagadi of Lions and Eagles - watch the site as I'm posting them all the time - just takes ages to photoshop them all :).

I also met up with quite a few outdoorphoto.co.za members and got to put some faces to the names that I know so well. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to meet up.

The roads in the Kgalagadi were awful, so much so that I had to return my XTrial hire car because the front suspension had broken. Fortunately Hertz were very good to me and I only lost a couple of hours because of it.

The "Government" also agreed to us moving to RSA - just the small problem of finding a job now - if only it was that easy :(.